Publisher description

From the ancient lands of 'Nordic Legend'; Ringriker is called to restore harmony to the peaceful town of Viderville. Evil has settled over the lands, the four mystical viking rings of legends past has been stolen. Riker must engage legions of summoned beasts in order to recapture the 4 mystical rings and restore them to their resting spots. During Rikers travel he will encounter caverns, city of the undead, froglok temples, and the dreaded beast pits where lord Vorge himself resides. Riker won't have to go at this alone. The wolves have a strong bind to Riker and help him as much as they are allowed. Can you guide Riker on his quest of restoration? or will Vider fall to evil? Your call? Features: * Over 40 unique monsters, * 9 large realms to master, * More than 30 magic spells, * Realistic landscapes and dungeons, * Save game feature.

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